Lonely Forest Escape

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The lonely forest is exactly what it’s called, lonely and during the night one can add that it’s scary there as well. Still George lives there for he knows he has nowhere to go if he’ll leave his house in the place. And now the sun is starting to set again and it’s turning everything into the shade of yellow. Time to lock-up then while there is still light for he knows he won’t be able to do that during the cover of darkness, plus he is indeed really scared of the place after the sun sets. And so George returned to his house and prepared everything, but as he did though he realized a problem, he forgot where he put his keys and now he has no idea where those are!

Such a problem is a nightmare for him and right-now it had become a reality! Escape players, George here needs help in finding his keys quickly so he can get inside his house and lock-up. This had never happened to him before and now that it had, he needs a hand here so he can see this problem solved before the last of the sun’s light disappears. Will you help George out then? For surely nobody will for he is completely alone there in the forest.

Lonely Forest Escape is a new outdoors escape game developed by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Lonely Forest Escape

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