Lonely Farmhouse Escape Game

Lonely Farmhouse Escape

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The farmhouse is pretty old and lonely, for it stands in the middle of a clearing surrounded by a field where the animals graze and since it stood there no other houses were built near it, and that makes it lonely. It's Gerard's house now for his grandfather had passed and he specifically gave it to him as a present and a thank you for he had helped him with the chores there for years, and the old man knows too that he will take good care of the overall vintage place. Gerard accepted it definitely and for a week, he decided to stay in there to remember the times there when he was a kid.

Fast-forward 3 days later and Gerard feels refreshed for he is a city-folk now and he had never tasted clean air for a long time. He feels energized, but little did he know he is going to use that surplus energy for a tiny problem in the place which just popped-up. Gerard could not open a door in the house which is the exit and that's not all, almost every door in the place could not be opened! Gerard then asked himself, did he lock it? Of course he didn't. Maybe someone or something is in the place with him and is messing him now? Well whatever the reason is, Gerard must get himself out of there for this is his place now and any problem there he must solve. Come and help Gerard here escape players, and also try to find-out what's happening in the old farmhouse.

Lonely Farmhouse Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Ekey Games.

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