Lonely Apartment Room Escape Game

Lonely Apartment Room Escape

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Tara was pretty lonely in her apartment that day, so she decided to just leave from the place and probably get a snack outside or something, but she couldn't though, not that she doesn't want to but when she tried her doors, she could no longer get herself out of the room! Tara have no idea what's going-on there and why she couldn't get out, probably there was a lock outside or something? Why would anyone put a lock outside out her apartment room without even talking to her? It could be that the door is jammed but why or how exactly?

Tara is very confused there and as time passes, she is starting to get anxious and her urge to escape from the  place is really escalating. Tara doesn't want to end-up doing dangerous things there so while it's early, she needs to escape right now for all she knows the entire building might be being quarantined just like that movie she watched a few days ago. Escape players, want to help Tara escape here and safely too before this problem turns for the worst?

Lonely Apartment Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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