Lone Battle 1 Game

Lone Battle 1

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Lone Battle 1 is a brand new point and click mysterious place escape game from First Escape Games for more dose of fun escapes with us. Enjoy!

One day, there was this strange light that came from the sky and as Rommel was working in the farm, he was quickly dumbfounded for when the light disappeared, he found himself in a different and mysterious place which he wasn't familiar with at all! Rommel found himself alone in some sort of complex wooden tunnels and it's very weird for when he looks at the two opposite ends of the place, there seems to be no end! Where exactly he is right-now really? It's like he just got scooped from where he was and just left him there abandoned in some tunnels somewhere.

No matter how Rommel called for anyone as he was in the place, nobody would respond to him and it's very weird for it definitely feels like he is in a different location now, well there is nothing else he can do but to navigate this tunnels and maybe when he escapes, he'll get some answers. Escape players, you are very welcome to check-out this escape adventure here with Rommel, find clues wherever you look and good luck on this escape adventure!

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