The Locker - Scientist House 5 Game

The Locker - Scientist House 5

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You were able to collect the information you needed from the weapon house. Your next lead was inside the house of the fifth scientist. He was still alive but he must be hiding somewhere safe. However, you were able to find his house. You hoped he wouldn't be inside his house as it would spell great trouble. While you were trying to find the documents, your enemies were also busy following you. They knew that you might lead them to the information they needed and maybe to the fifth scientist himself. So your every move was calculated. You needed to continue moving to have developments in the mission. Then again, you needed to move in a way that you wouldn't expose vital information. It was stressful but you knew that was how things should be until everything was in place.

You stood outside the house of the scientist. From the looks of it, it didn't seem to have suffered from the attack. However, the security was still tight. And you had a hard time trying to find the entrance. Yet you were so willing to face all of it and get down to the bottom of the matter. Play The Locker - Scientist House 5 outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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