The Locker Gold Mine Game

The Locker Gold Mine

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The tracker device worked wonderful as you were able to know the location of the fifth scientist. He was in a gold mine. However, nothing was sure. He should be there inside first. And this was where you come in. You were in charge of looking for him and making sure he was all right. Despite the documents being completed slowly, you still needed vital information from him. And no one else could give these information except him. This was the reason why the enemies were after him. The documents would mean nothing if the scientist wouldn't be there. But this gold mine is wide and complicated. Likewise, you couldn't be very sure if the enemies were already inside waiting to ambush you. Going inside could be a dangerous trap. Yet staying outside wouldn't do any good as well.

So you decided to be as daring as possible to put an end to this chase. It was about time that the plan of your enemies stop.This will save the scientist from his miseries as well. But things weren't as simple as one would think. Play The Locker Gold Mine room escape game by Enagames.

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