The Locker Bomb Diffusal Game

The Locker Bomb Diffusal

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You want to be become a part of the bomb squad but you can't just get in that easily. You have to go through tests before you become an official member of the squad. The most important test that you have to go through is to defuse the bomb. Many can make a bomb but only few can defuse it. You have to be one of those few people. If you think that you can defuse a bomb in just one click, you are wrong. A bomb is like a big puzzle that you have to solve. You have to use your logic to make the timer stop or else, you will explode with the bomb. This is indeed very dangerous and the least thing that you can do is to think quickly.

You have to gather clues around the area that can help you to defuse the bomb. You don't have much time left so you have to move quickly. There are also objects that you can collect and those things can help you to cut the timer of the bomb. The Locker Bomb Diffusal is the newest outdoor escape game from Enagames that will test your logic. Best of luck!

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