Locked In The House Escape

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Ivan’s house here is pretty classy, well it’s kind of royal or something maybe half royal for it’s not really near full-blown royal, but the house was pretty luxurious to him though. Ivan chose this place a few months ago and in that span of time he was able to redecorate and rearrange, now the place looks beautiful and roomy. But he had been living there in not a year even, so the bad times are yet to come and unfortunately, it definitely did that day!

Ivan was about to go to work when he encountered the problem, it was about the doors, it wouldn’t open and it’s not just one but all of them! This problem is definitely out of his explanation already and it cannot be a coincidence. He began to think then maybe he chose a house that actually has a major issue here which he was not told of? If so then that’s too bad, for he had already invested time and money here to the point he can’t let this go anymore. Maybe he’ll just fix this for this could just be some coincidence which was still possible. Escape players, will you help Ivan here in solving this weird problem of his in his home by first helping him to escape from it?

Locked In The House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Locked In The House Escape

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