Locked In - Flight Escape Game

Locked In - Flight Escape

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The first time your father took you to the airport, you instantly knew what you wanted to become. Airplanes simply fascinated you and you just get enough of them. You would make so many paper airplanes and fly them whenever you can which somehow drove your mother mad at times. Then again, she really believed in you and your dreams. You just wished the road to it was easier for you. You've failed so many times to become a pilot. However, you never wanted to be away from the airport. So you applied for any job you could. You were accepted as a baggage handler. And you never knew you could be this happy. As long as you were close to the planes, you believed you could still achieve your ultimate goal. But it seemed like someone didn't think the same way for you.

You were friends with almost all the baggage handlers except for one. You didn't mind though since it seemed like he just had the cold personality. So you continued to work away from him. But he was in your station after a couple of months. You were finishing up the work when he excused himself and the door closed behind him leaving you inside. Play Locked In - Flight Escape room escape games by Games 2 Rule.

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