Locked In Escape - Theater Game

Locked In Escape - Theater

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Tomorrow will be Perry's beach excursion and that is why he was at the supermarket earlier buying some stuff for it, but after he did however he decided he'll watch that new movie first for he still had a lot of time and he wants to be relaxed, and so he did. After the 2 and a half hour movie, Perry went out of the theater room and he noticed how little people watched the movie, probably a number of them had already on the first days of its release. As everything was going slow, Perry came across a weird situation and he was a little-bit ashamed to ask help for it.

Perry got lost in the theater and he can't find an open door to leave, he played it cool and not to let everyone know he was in a simple trouble, the woman in the counter is also making him nervous for he likes her and that's one why he can't think straight. Perry needs to leave the theater here still cool but he can't keep his calm any longer, will you help him escape and get this problem of his through escape players?

Try this escape adventure here everyone and see if you can leave the theater with style. Locked In Escape - Theater is a brand new point and click location escape game from Selfdefiant.

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