Locked In Escape Pizzeria Game

Locked In Escape Pizzeria

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Locked In Escape Pizzeria is another new point and click restaurant escape game made by Selfdefiant. Good luck on this fun attempt to escape from a place of food!

Ben is pretty lucky there was a pizzeria in the city and their pizza are authentically tasting like it's really from Italy. Because of their quality pizza's and other Italian cuisine, this once little pizzeria became bigger and now it can accommodate more customers at any time. Ben could not forget his times there with his friends and he even dreamed of it. Well when he woke-up however, he was actually in the place and it's very weird for he knows he slept in his room and the second part is, for he was alone in the place!

Escape players, Ben is pretty confused why was he at the pizzeria and it's even weirder for he was in the place like its within closing-time, it is really for there's nobody in there but him and the doors were even locked. That totally removed Ben's hunger for pizza due to how dumbfounding the situation is, but he must escape from there though so he can get some answers what happened. Care to join with Ben and see if you can escape the shop? First thing you must know though if you are really even awake or not, then you can try to find your way out of there. Have fun then everyone, keep your eyes open for a secret way out!


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