Locked In Escape – Office

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Emily woke-up from where she was and then she remembered she was at the office! She then straightened herself up before her boss sees she was sleeping on the job, but then she felt something quite strange though, she was alone in the office in a time she wasn’t suppose to. It was duty hours at the moment and they are suppose to be in their cubicles, if something happened then they should have told Emily and that’s another weird thing, have they forgotten her? Or this could be a huge prank? Well either way and whatever it is, Emily will find more problems there in the office.

Emily tried to leave the office for she couldn’t explain what in the world is going-on, but as she tried the doors of the office however, that’s where she realized the problem for she couldn’t open the doors! Emily is starting to think this could really be a prank, or it isn’t? Well she still needs to get herself out of the situation now and find-out what’s going-on, for all she knows something serious is actually happening here. Escape players, why don’t you join Emily here on her escape from the office.

Locked In Escape – Office is another new point and click room escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Locked In Escape – Office

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