Locked In Escape – Museum

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Come and check-out another escape game here from a huge building. Locked In Escape – Museum is a brand new point and click museum escape game from Selfdefiant. Enjoy everyone!

The museum of natural and man-made history is quite a ways away from Cassie’s house, but one day when she woke-up from a deep night’s slumber, she found herself in the museum’s complex and who wouldn’t get startled upon realizing that? Cassie was disoriented and confused trying to recollect her thoughts on how she even got to the place or why she is there! At the moment, there seems to be no other people around and the museum is still closed, which means it’s early but maybe she can get someone to help her out of there.

Escape players, Cassie is going to try and find her way through the different isles from the Cretaceous period, to stone age times, to ancient Egyptian times, and even pirate times, that is how big this place is, but would you care join in on the escape with her and see if you can all make it out of the museum safely? Go on then everyone, good luck on the escape and have fun as well!

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Walkthrough video for Locked In Escape – Museum

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