Locked In Escape - Grandmas House Game

Locked In Escape - Grandmas House

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Grandma is the nicest person that you know. She always make sure that you are alright. Even though you are not a baby anymore, you still feel like one in grandma's hands. She never fails to comfort you. Whenever you go at her house, she bakes cookies for you. She also makes nice jackets for you. So now that you have a weary mind, you decided to go to grandma's house. You know for sure that she will bring you comfort. However, that is not the case when you went to her home. She is not around. She is out of town with your grandpa for a short vacation. With that, you must go home and solve your problems by yourself. But before that, there is a problem that you first have to solve in grandma's house.

The door in her house won't open. Unfortunately, you don't have a spare key that can open the door. With that, you have to look for items that you can use to unlock the door. Good thing that there are clues that can help you out so you don't have to worry too much. Locked In Escape - Grandmas House is an exciting room escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Good luck!

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