Locked In Escape – Aquarium

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Come and join us everyone escaping from the city’s ocean park. Locked In Escape – Aquarium is another new point and click aqua-park escape game made by Selfdefiant. Good luck!

The city’s aquarium park is just near Genesis’s house and actually, it’s just across the street. He obviously knows that and it’s not a problem, for he gets to see the children’s happy faces everyday as their excitement elevates when they enter the park, the place is like a fantasy for them definitely. But one day however, he came to find himself in that place and it’s not a positive feeling that he had then though, it’s actually a big mystery for he woke-up there after a night’s slumber!

Genesis just opened his eyes for somehow, his back was aching, there he saw then that he is on the floor of the city park aquarium and he doesn’t even know how he got to the place! He knew he was on his bed last-night and it’s impossible he slept-walked into that place, something very supernatural might have happened to him there, and he has nothing else on his mind but to escape and forget it even occurred. Escape players, care to join Genesis here as he tries his best to escape the city’s aquarium park? Go ahead then and enjoy everyone!


Walkthrough video for Locked In Escape – Aquarium


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