Locked In A Room Escape Game

Locked In A Room Escape

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You find yourself in a new place after going off the path in the map. You were pretty sure you would be able to find your way back home even if you follow the unpopular path. It was a bit of a tiring week for you with all the deadlines you had to face. So for a treat for yourself, you went out and looked for new paths to try. Your house was surrounded with so many paths you didn't know how many and who made them. When you bought this house, you saw it as a place that really fit your personality. You were also attracted to the mystery that seemed to hover on it. Then you slowly discovered the paths surrounding it and promised yourself you'd figure out where each of them leads to. You were only able to follow a few due to your busy schedule.

But when you have free time, you make sure to follow a path until the end. This one led you to a room. No matter how many times you called, no one answered. So you tried to see if someone needed help inside. But it turned out that you would be the one needing some help after going in. Play Locked In A Room Escape room escape game by Selfdefiant.

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