Locked Doors Escape Game

Locked Doors Escape

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You had just celebrated your birthday and your friends decide to surprise you somehow. One day they start luring you to the downtown part of your city and guided you into a small house. This part of downtown isn't familiar to you but being a good sport you start driving in that direction. Finding the house according to the description your friends gave earlier, you knocked and found it open. You went inside and found the place empty. Thinking that you're friends are simply late, you sat on the couch to wait. Suddenly, a loud speaker blares out loud, startling you. You recognize your best friend's voice and grinned. He greets you a Happy Birthday and starts to explain your task which is to find certain items inside the house that will lead you to clues about your birthday present.

Search for keys of different color and solve many other puzzles in order to open the final exit door. Good luck and have fun!


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