Locked Door And Lost Key 01 Game

Locked Door And Lost Key 01

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Lu was on his retreat in a beautiful resort which spans from the highlands up to the nearby coastal area! It's the most beautiful place Lu have been to for it already caters two places in one, a highland area and a beach area. But he was warned though not to set-foot in the forest that engulfs it, for there are weird things in there and a lot of people have already fallen victim to such, mostly it's just illusions but the people's curiosity is the thing that always gets them hook, line, and sinker. That day however, Lu was experiencing something strange but he haven't even set-foot on the forest which surrounds the resort, now it is giving him quite a problem and he could no longer get his bearings.

The first thing that happened was he lost his keys to his room which he didn't really actually lost accidentally for he knows he had placed it in his bag safely, but it just vanished! The next thing was he couldn't get any help for it seems that the people including the staff are now missing! Maybe this could be just coincidences, but Lu could not sweep it just that for he knows the forest nearby is not normal. Escape players, will you help Lu here solve the problem before a third thing happens?

Locked Door And Lost Key 01 is a brand new point and click escape game released by First Escape Games.

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