Local Boy Escape Game

Local Boy Escape

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Local Boy Escape is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by Avm Games. Good luck on this rescue attempt here for someone.

Jamil knows everyone who lives in the small village here and they are all friends for actually he was born and was raised there. Now Jamil is also known by everyone and most are particularly close to him except for one however. There was this boy who never gets out of his house and when Jamil saw him for the first-time since he moved in the place, he looked like a gamer. Well he understood that for he loved games too and sometimes he can't stop, those games were very different from his however, for they were outdoor games and boy was it a lot of fun before.

Jamil was ready to leave his home for a bit so he can buy some produce in the nearby market, when he passed-by the boy's house however, he heard a very faint call for help inside and when he checked it out, the boy was actually trapped in there alone! Oh my goodness, Jamil quickly sprung into action so he can save the kid, but will he be able to do that for he doesn't really know the boy's house at all. Good luck then and hopefully after this, the boy will finally trust Jamil. Enjoy!


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