Lobby Elevator Escape Game

Lobby Elevator Escape

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The luxurious hotel is where Reynaldo is at for he had attended a meeting there, but that was already finished and before he decided to leave the place he went to the lounge first so he can check more of the ambiance and maybe when he visits the place again he'll decide to stay there. The lounge was currently empty and it was weird for the meeting held a lot of people and not even one was here at the lounge? Well more for me, pondered Reynaldo. Little did he know that being alone there is going to get him into a mysterious situation.

After a while, Reynaldo thought he had enough of the place and he will get the most comfortable room there when he visits again, it's time to leave now for his time is not limitless. But as he went to the lifts however, he realized both would not work and when he tried the fire exits, those too would not open! Reynaldo then thought this could be serious whatever this is, for fire exits should never be closed and because this is a luxurious establishment, the lifts should always work. This is indeed weird and Reynaldo feels like he is being held there in the lounge, escape players will you help Reynaldo here escape so he can find some answers what's going-on in the hotel?

Lobby Elevator Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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