Llama Escape From Hut House

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Francis’ llama had just escaped again and this time he’ll really fix that corral which he can’t fully take care of because he is always busy. In his area somewhere in the forest, there are various structures which he uses in different stuff like housing his animals as well as his tools for just about anything that can make life easier there. Well that day, one of those houses will trap his llama and it’s weird why he couldn’t open it and get it out!

Francis tried quite hard but not too hard that it would destroy the door, but he thinks now this will be a more serious rescue for the animal, for this had already taken long enough. Escape players, Francis is going to need his tools now to tinker with this door here or maybe find the key for the structure too, that’s if it can still be found for he never saw it anymore, he just doesn’t lock it but now that it is that key would have been a great help. Either way can you help Francis here free his llama in any way possible?

Llama Escape From Hut House is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Llama Escape From Hut House


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