Little Wooden Hut Escape 4 Game

Little Wooden Hut Escape 4

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The "Little Wooden Hut" was the second fort of the three, which was built during the war between the P.I.G. clan and the Wolves. The P.I.G. members were slowly surpressed, so they decided to build a defense line. The line had three forts in it. The first was the Fort Cane, the second was Little Wooden Hut, and the last one was Rock House. After Fort Cane fell, the assault came to Wooden Hut. As the enemy army surrounded the fort, a big chaos started inside. Everyone was running up and down, captains were giving orders, some soldiers listened, some soldiers didn't. In the confusion, they locked you in the fort's wing. You need to get out and help in the battle. Good luck!


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