Little Wizard Girl Escape

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This wizard girl is now the current protector of the village and her job is to keep the monsters of the forest at bay as well as the things that wishes ill will against the settlement. One of the greatest enemies of every wizard there were witches, for they are dark, destructive, and mischievous. They have caused too much damage to the area for decades and that’s why the installment of the wizards have been implemented. This charming wizard girl is pretty much a rookie here still, but her job is simple in the beginning and it will become complicated as time passes and she needs to be ready for that. Well that day it seems that she wasn’t ready for this something which happened to her there.

The wizard girl got trapped inside a house there! It wasn’t just a normal house too, for it was the enchanted one and what’s concerning about that was she isn’t too familiar with the structure there yet and how to dispel it. Trouble already in the beginning? It’s just going to be one of many, but escape players will you help the wizard girl here? For each minute she is not active is every moment the village is open for attack.

Little Wizard Girl Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Little Wizard Girl Escape

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