Little School Boy Escape (8b Games)

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Everything was so nice in the village that you didn’t think something like this could happen to the little school boy. You had been living in this village since you were small. There wasn’t any unpleasant happening that remained in your memory. What you remembered from living here were the beautiful surroundings and nice people. And when someone else decided to move in this village, it seemed like everyone was willing to welcome them. The people organized a group just for this specific purpose. You were once a part of this group. However, when they learned that you had many part time jobs, they decided to give you some time off. You always helped out when you can though. Then one day, a little school boy with his parents joined the community. Everyone was captured with the boy’s cuteness and charms. 

He could never get lost as everyone was always on the lookout for him. So when the little boy got himself trapped in a locked house, almost everyone wanted to help. Then again, not everyone should do so since the house could be rotting away and too many people might cause it to collapse. Play Little School Boy Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Little School Boy Escape (8b Games)


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