Little Santa House Escape Game

Little Santa House Escape

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You and Santa are best of friends. You've known him since you were only a baby. Your parents left you to him since they can't afford to raise you. However, despite that, they still visit you in your dreams. They talk to you there. They're even apologizing for not being able to see you in person. But you don't really mind. It's good enough that they still care for you even if it's just in your dreams. Your relationship with Santa's a very close one. You can open up to him so easily and you can goof around as well. Santa opens up not only his home but his heart as well. He gives you what you need that goes beyond the material things. And you're giving back his kindness by helping him finish his tasks before Christmas. Most of the time, you stay up overtime.

Santa is always looking out for you. And when he sees you tired from working, he does some things to wake you up. This time, he lets you get inside the house. And he secretly locks the door. He holds out presents as a reward if you can get out quickly. Have fun and enjoy Little Santa House Escape room escape game by Enagames.

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