Little Pinocchio Escape

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Pinocchio boy who was Michael’s friend looks like a normal boy and all, but actually he was the real Pinocchio and he is just dressed to disguise! Even then, Michael doesn’t really care if he is made of wood, or his nose would get ridiculously long if he tells a lie, he is his friend and is a good one too. And so that day, Michael went to his place just to play with him for the day, but there was a problem there though and when Michael entered the house, he was now involved in it.

The problem was Pinocchio got trapped in his own room there and he couldn’t get out! Michael was kind of confused for this is his house, why would he be trapped in it? Maybe there is somebody here pulling the strings? Or the door got jammed? Well questions will be answered later and for now, Michael will have to get his friend out before he hurts himself in trying to get himself free. Escape players, place yourself on the shoes of Michael here now, try your best to get his friend Pinocchio out from his room where he is trapped.

Little Pinocchio Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.