Little Phil Escape

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Nigel went to his friend’s home for they were going to plan their trip to the wilderness in a few days and they need to consider everything, for every outdoors man should be ready for anything. Nigel arrived at the place but when he called for his friend, his voice was frantic. Nigel asked what happened and that’s when he found-out that his son was trapped in his own room and he had been trying to get him out but sadly he couldn’t!

Nigel tried to be calm here for his friend was already uneasy and more uneasiness could get him out of focus. He shouldn’t fear too for he will help as best as he can. The reason why his friend wasn’t able to open the door is because he doesn’t want to damage it. That’s good too for there are a ton of ways here to open that door without using too much force. Escape players, Nigel is there to help now and you are him. Will you be able to find things in the house like a key for it which his friend said was missing so that the door here can finally be opened and his boy out of there safely?

Little Phil Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Little Phil Escape

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