Little Leaf Girl Escape Game

Little Leaf Girl Escape

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Dan have been trying his best to find this girl in the forest and for days it hadn't been easy and still no better luck. That girl must be found for she is definitely needed back in her home which is also in the forest. That little girl is not at all normal however, she is an enchanted being and her sole role is to keep herself alive and well, through that the forest will thrive around her as well. If something happens to her then one can bet the forest will slowly turn into a wasteland. Dan have known a lot already about the place that it was once barren, until the leaf girl existed and the place have become lush for eons, a lot of people are living-off the land and that's why as the current guardian, Dan must make sure the leaf girl is safe but that day, it seems that there is a huge chance now he will fail this life-long mission of his.

Dan's last subliminal message from the girl was it is trapped somewhere in the forest and then that's it, no further contact. Dan must swear to his oath as the current guardian that he'll save the leaf girl to his late father who was the guardian before him. He needs to do this now and it must end successfully for an entire forest's welfare and all of the people who gets life from it will be doomed. Escape players, come and join Dan here as he rescues the leaf girl who had been a source of life of the forest since it existed.

Little Leaf Girl Escape is another new point and click wilderness rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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