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Little Girl Rescue
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The resort was designed to look like a village for that is its concept and everybody has got to admit, it's not that bad. That day, Tricia and her daughter decided to go on a vacation there for fun, and so they did with the heavy instruction to her daughter not to stay away from her. Because her daughter was adventurous and a bit rebellious, she totally ignored what her mother said and that really gave Tricia a bad day.

Tricia noticed that her daughter was not on her side after she accidentally dozed-off in one of the recliners, but when she looked at her immediate area, she was really nowhere to be found! Tricia stood-up then and called for her, at first she heard nothing until a faint sound came from somewhere. Tricia followed that sound until it eventually ended in one of the rooms in the place. Her daughter got trapped in a room and because she panicked after finding that out, she forgot to call for anyone and decided to solve this on her own. Tricia hopes that this had given her daughter a lesson not to disobey, but of course she needs to rescue her and keep her safe. Escape players, want to help out on this rescue here and have a challenge for yourself too?

Little Girl Rescue is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Ekey Games.

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