Little Garden House Escape Game

Little Garden House Escape

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The luxurious houses' gardens here are not at all very little, but they are called the houses' little gardens for reasons maybe they want to minimize the expectations or something, but actually it is easy to get lost in there thanks to the vibrant and green foliage as well as how wide the place was. One day, Anne went to her friend's house and it is one of the luxurious ones with the so-called little garden. Throughout the day, they talked and after that Anne went into the garden to get some fresh-air while her friend prepares something which she insisted she'll do herself. Okay, so Anne went deeper into the garden and there she realized that it was actually connected with the other neighbor's gardens! She thought then, how cool was that? But then she got lost though and now she is starting to see this as an inconvenience.

Anne couldn't find the right path to get to her friend's house and she just keeps popping at other people's places which she immediately leaves so she won't get in trouble. Escape players, will you help Anne here out before her friend notices that she is actually lost?

Little Garden House Escape is the newest point and click outdoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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