Little Eagle Escape Game

Little Eagle Escape

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This city was known for its eagles. You used to only hear about this from your mom. She had cousins living in this city and they had a close relationship. However, you weren't able to get to know your aunts and uncles much since you grew up not knowing them due to distance. It was a bit awkward for you every time you would meet them. So for your trip in this city, you decided to look for your own place to stay without letting your aunts and uncles know that you were here. You found a location near the place where they took care of eagles. There was a chance for you to do volunteer works during the weekend and you didn't think twice in helping. You were mostly in charged of caring for the weak or wounded eagles.

It always wound your heart to see these creatures suffering. But this was also when you realize the importance of your presence there. The eagles were usually peaceful when you were helping them. However there were also times when the eagles would fly away while you were still checking on them. Play Little Eagle Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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