Little Cute Lemur Escape

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Everyone was fascinated with the lemur in the town which was owned by Ian, for the animal is not endemic at all in the area or even in the country! But there it was in his possession and it was absolutely a little animal bursting with energy. That day though, that energy is going to have a little disadvantage to it, for it had gone too hyperactive to the point it got trapped there in an unoccupied house there in the town!

Ian tried to look for his lemur then all day, he can’t possibly missed it now, for there was only one of it here. And so he continued until he finally found the animal! But it wasn’t in a good situation though and it actually needs help. Ian found his pet in said situation and right-now he is currently thinking, the house is locked and he doesn’t have the key, plus the previous owner left years ago and did not return. Well he can’t possibly destroy the door there and free his lemur, he needs to think of something which won’t be destructive and at the same time not harmful to the animal. Escape players, want to help Ian here in finding a way to free his pet lemur from being trapped and safely?

Little Cute Lemur Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Little Cute Lemur Escape


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