Little Cat Escape Game

Little Cat Escape

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You really like going to the forest house every weekend. You had a neighbor who took care of animals. One of the animals he was taking care of was a kitten. This kitten came from the shelter and was needing a temporary home before being adopted. Your friend had been doing this for years and you try to help out in any way you can. So during weekdays you ask him if you could take care of some animals for him. He was glad to have you around and always give you the little kitten to look after. This little kitten was so active and liked playing around. You even conditioned your house to be safe for it. There was a time it knocked over a plant pot. The moment you heard the pot shattered, you thought something bad happened to the kitten. 

Since then, you kept everything in place. There was a time that you weren't able to go to your forest house in the weekend. So your friend let another person take care of the little cat. You couldn't help but feel worried while you were away. You took some time to visit the kitten and found out that it was in danger. Play Little Cat Escape outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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