There's a brightly colored couch in Little Cartoon Room Escape game.

Little Cartoon Room Escape

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Rolo hammers down the set he needs to paint. He works for a television studio making sets that television shows makes use of. He is currently making one for a children’s show that his daughter loves. Rolo carefully lays out the wooden set and started painting. Rolo wants to make it as good as he can because he knew that his daughter will see it. He paints the couch red  like his daughter wanted and the rest as requested by his bosses. In addition, he had put his full effort to make it his best work.

When he’s done with painting, he stood the wooden set upright. He then proceed to secure it along with the rest he’s been working on. Rolo stood up when someone grabbed him. The people he owes money to found where he worked and are now demanding the money back. When he couldn’t pay, they tied him up with a rope and locked him in an equipment box and told him they’ll come back. He has to find a way to escape these people soon!

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2 years ago

Game does not work