Little Cabin Escape Game

Little Cabin Escape

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Greg woke-up and found himself in some sort of bungalow or something and as he looks around, he finds himself alone but the place doesn't look abandoned. He called for help but nobody would respond, he tried to open the doors so he can find the owner of the place but it seems that he or she doesn't want him out, for Greg can't open them doors! That's where Greg got pretty concerned, but he felt a sharp pain in his back though and that's why he can't move with agility. Maybe that certain someone who took him in he thought, maybe he got in a hunting accident or something and was knocked unconscious, Greg can't really remember the day before and that's why he can't recall of a reason why he would be in somebody else's home. Surely this ain't a dream also.

Greg still needs to get himself out though for not only he needs to thank that certain someone who took him in if he did get hurt, but he thought he is already becoming a bother so he needs to get himself out of there. Escape players, will you join Greg here and see if you can help him escape out of the cabin?

Little Cabin Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Selfdefiant.

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