Little Bunny Rescue Game

Little Bunny Rescue

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A little bunny found its way in your yard. You always saw it hopping around being curious of what was surround it. It had been going back everyday so you thought of leaving some snacks for it to munch on every visit. The bunny loved the snacks that it even slept in the yard. Your friend came for a visit and saw the bunny outside. She really loved bunnies and couldn't take her hands off of them. You worried that she might get her hands on your new friend outside and bother it. So you tried your best to distract her and at the same time stop her from going near the creature. A call came up and you needed to get out of the house for a few minutes. You made your friend promise not to bother the cute creature outside.

She raised her hand as a promise but you were not so sure if she really meant what she was saying. You really need to get out though. You came home immediately and found your friend getting ready to leave. The bunny was still outside so you figured she didn't do anything to it. But after a while, you heard a clicking sound and found the bunny inside the cage. Play Little Bunny Rescue room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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