Little Boy from Zombie House Game

Little Boy from Zombie House

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You really walking to work. This way, you get to exercise and feel the beautiful sunshine. You work inside the office for eight hours and you rarely get to see the sun. So this short walks can give you just enough of the sunlight. You always look at the right side of the road. There's this creepy house on the left side that you can't bear to look at. You can't see any ghosts peeking through the windows. But you can feel the something heavy looming over you every time you pass by that house. It's a good thing you're passing there in broad daylight. But there are times that you also pass by the house at twilight. Since you're staying a little longer in the office, you'll be passing there at night again. You don't worry much if you have someone beside you.

So you're very happy to see a little boy skipping on the street. He turns to the direction of the house to go inside. Then you hear a scream that sounds like zombie. You hurry over to the house to help him get out. But you need to find a way in and out of the house first. Play Little Boy from Zombie House outdoor escape game by Knf Games.


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