Lion Family Rescue

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There are no guests at the lions viewing area that day, that’s because everything is being cleaned and the gardens there are being fixed. So for the day the lions are out in the field so they can be away from the repairing and reattaching at the moment. As their caretaker, Willy is trying his best to get them all out as the staff who will be in-charge of the tasks comes in. And so, the entire day for the lions have been spent out of their dens but they need to get back home still, but there is a problem with that though and Willy is now trying to fix that.

Willy could not find the key to the gate of the lions’ area and he cannot get them in of course if that gate stays locked. Where could that thing be? Willy is pretty confused now for he knows he had left it at the storage room but it’s not there anymore. Willy must find it for they all cannot stay in the field for too long. Escape players, Will you help Willy on the search here so that this problem can be solved soon?

Lion Family Rescue is another new point-and-click animals escape game made by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Lion Family Rescue

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