This blue room has scores of puzzles in Limes Numbscape game.

Limes Numbscape

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Samuel arrived in his new apartment, looking forward to his college life. The apartment is fairly huge for one man but he wants it that way, as he’s planning to rent it to future roomies. Unpacking his things, he scans around the apartment thinking that the place needs a bit of sprucing up. He gathered his tools and following some decorating ideas online, started hammering. A framed picture fell revealing a hole in the wall and a button. He knew that he shouldn’t press it but he did and one after the other, the apartment walls came off and revealed a control dashboard of sorts. There are four monitors all showing different parts of the city which shocked him. He’s not sure if the landlord knows about this. But one thing is sure, though, these are worth learning about.

Good news! Ainars has just finished a brand new escape game with cool cartoon graphics and the usual interesting puzzles. Don’t hesitate, jump into this great game!

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Walkthrough video for Limes Numbscape

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