Lilac Home Escape

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This area here is very strange, it is kind of desolate but there is still a mysterious house standing there which was lilac or purple in color. Sean had only been eyeing the place ever since, for it is very visible from a distance but he never once set his foot there before in fear of getting in trouble. But that was before though and now he is actually standing in front of its door!

Sean never thought he’d ever get this close to the place, it seems there was nobody home for Sean have been looking around there but still nobody came to greet him or even scold him. Okay, guess this fulfilled half of his curiosity, he’ll just leave and maybe return sometime. But as he did that however he realized there was a problem, for the gate he went through to get in this place is now locked! Sean got on high-alert then for this gate was not locked when he went in, but now it is and somebody is definitely here and they probably know he is here. Sean is getting worried now, but he really needs to focus if he wants to escape for right-now he is not in a good position. Escape players, Sean needs help to escape here, want to guide him so he can get out safely?

Lilac Home Escape is the newest point and click area escape game from Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Lilac Home Escape

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