Letter Boy Escape Game

Letter Boy Escape

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Try your skills here on this house rescue challenge. Letter Boy Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by 8b Games. Best of luck!

As a mailman, Moe is often sent to different locations in the city to deliver everyone's mail and that day, he was in the suburbs delivering incoming missives and small packages there. Moe already knows the area and in-fact, he has a friend living there and he was just a little boy. One by one he delivers mails until he finally arrived in the boy's home, he wondered how he was doing, but he soon got the answer for that, for he heard someone screaming for help inside the place!

Moe quickly went to action and entered the house, there he discovered that the boy was actually trapped inside one of the rooms of the place and was alone! It's good that the boy had mail, if it wasn't for it then Moe would not be able to pass by the house to deliver it, it's okay now for he is on the rescue but well, will he be able to get the boy out to safety? Escape players, why don't you come and try this indoor rescue attempt? Use your skills and logic for a quick rescue here for the trapped kid. Enjoy everyone!

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