Leprechaun Escape

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One of the leprechauns who lives in the land here just got trapped in Stephen’s cage! He sets it for wild animals and he knows these leprechauns are smart enough to avoid it, but why was one in there now? Stephen needs to get this one out now before the others come and gets the wrong idea here, that will definitely be trouble. But at the moment though something is lost and that is prohibiting him to free him.

Stephen couldn’t find his key to that cage of his and he is trying his best to be very calm. He needs to find that key right-away and he needs help there. Escape players, would you like to help Stephen here with this so that he can free the leprechaun pronto?

Leprechaun Escape is the newest point-and-click rescue escape game created by Fastrack Games.

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Walkthrough video for Leprechaun Escape

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