Leniency Kid Escape

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Elaine lets her son have fun after he does his chores as a reward, that’s not totally for he did some work though, but also because he obeyed his mother’s orders. In fact, he obeys what is told of him without being angry or irritated, he is quite the lenient kid and that’s why he is also liked by the neighbors there. But that day however, Elaine was uneasy for her son still did not return from playing with his friends outside. She was concerned for she knows her son wouldn’t do anything dangerous and would always comes home on time, but this is giving her a really concerned feeling and it’s not getting her settled.

Well, little did Elaine know her son is actually trapped somewhere in the neighborhood and nobody knows it but you escape players and him! Elaine have no idea what have become of her son and she really doesn’t know where to start looking for him if things like these happens, she knows of one area though but it was a vast one. Escape players, you are the only one who can help her the quickest now, and for this it is to find and rescue her kid soon before the sun sets. Will you help Elaine on this for her son’s welfare?

Leniency Kid Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.