Leisure Area Escape Game

Leisure Area Escape

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Try this escape adventure here and have fun! Leisure Area Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Genie Fun Games for more adventures with us.

The old theme park was once crowded with people, but ever since it got abandoned and the forest nearby started to take it to the ground, it got forgotten for years and what's left in that place were the remaining steel structures and rusty park rides. On his hike through the trail of the forest, Jim caught a glance of the tall old ferries wheel, he see this and an idea pop in his mind to venture there to see what else he can find and not even considering the dangers he might face in the place.

Jim enters the old theme park and he somehow got a sense of familiarity of the place, maybe he had once been there when he was a kid. Jim moves around to see what else he can find but as he realized that the sun is slowly setting, he decided to leave but unfortunately he couldn't, for he got lost in the abandoned park and thanks to the random stuff there, it's starting to create an illusion which is also preventing him to get back to the trail! Jim needs to escape from the area right-now before the sun sets, why don't you try the escape adventure here as well escape players? Good luck then and enjoy everyday.

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