Led Room Door Escape Game

Led Room Door Escape

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Ronald is slowly building his house, room after room and he just finished the staircase which he designed to look trendy and luxurious. Rooms are starting to get less empty here in the house, he thought maybe he should dedicate a room which stocks can only be put into it? He thought of placing one room under the staircase but that will slightly rewrite the plans, yet it is it worth the rewrite. Ronald decided to take the design blueprints from above where he was so he can start decorating the LED lights and to add that stock room under the staircase as well, but when he tried the stairs however so he can get to the top, he realized there was something blocking his way.

Ronald noticed this red door which he didn't even install but it's right in-front of him. He really thought that he can get it to open for the thing looks minor, but it took his time significantly and still he couldn't! What was up with that thing? He can't get out of his house because the only way out from where he was is through the stairs which means through that mysterious red door first. It is very preposterous that it just appeared there, well he didn't place it there, but Ronald thought this is his house and he must solve this thing. Escape players, want to join in and see if you can help Ronald with his strange problem?

Led Room Door Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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