Lecturer Owl Escape

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This town here has a fascinating lecturer for this one is really not a human but an owl! This owl is very fascinating for it is able to think like a human and its thinking was on par of a genius human! Well the lecturer owl as he is called can only do so much for he is really not for implementation, he can only spread ideas and people can either follow them or not. His ideas however are for the welfare of the town here so it’s always good. That day however, the owl needed some help, but it isn’t about fixing things or making complex stuff though, for he is currently trapped in this new hall and he needs help!

The first one to notice this happening was you escape players. Sir owl is trapped in this new hall, everybody knows the structure is still new and the place isn’t actually done from being finished yet, he might have gotten caught by something there which is now giving him some trouble. The lecturer owl have been trying to get out of the hall though but he really couldn’t, that’s because he doesn’t have thumbs which are as strong as a human’s, he really needs help here so will you assist him then so he can escape?

Lecturer Owl Escape is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Lecturer Owl Escape

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