Lazy Snake Rescue Game

Lazy Snake Rescue

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The forest will be dark soon and that's why Ricardo must go home or he won't see anything in the dark there. As he goes, he noticed that the forest is turning gold, the day is starting to end and off he goes quicker now homeward bound. But as he was going however, he noticed something from the window of a house which he passes-by every time, he thought the place was vacant but when he looked at its window for that something he saw, he saw a giant snake inside a cage in there and Ricardo got startled!

Ricardo was definitely astonished with the size of the snake! But why was it in a cage? Was there somebody actually living in the place? Seems like it, but there was nobody in sight at the moment. Ricardo was thinking about what he needs to do, for judging with the size of the snake, it might be a record-breaker and that creature must be reported. Weirdly though, the snake seems to be calling Ricardo to come and release it, a thing that he is starting to do! Escape players, Ricardo is compelled to free the animal now, will you just help him to it and carefully? For that animal is huge and it might attack him.

Lazy Snake Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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