Lazy Dog Escape Game

Lazy Dog Escape

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You are to rescue a dog here that doesn't really move that much. How can that be? Well come and check-out this game out and find-out what happened. Lazy Dog Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

The suburbs was once again peaceful that day and well especially in Waldo's place, for he has a dog who was so lazy, food doesn't move it still! Waldo had never expected his house was going to be quiet for he really thought it's going to be so when he gets a cat, but he gets it now for his lazy dog had been with him for years. That dog is definitely no trouble but one day however, something happened to it and it's a first ever since it was a pup!

The lazy dog who never did anything but stare at the door at most times of the day, just got trapped in one of the rooms of the house and Waldo was absolutely raising his eyebrows as to what had happened! How did he even do that? Well he is confused now but still, he must get his dog out for the door was actually locked and something might happen to it. Well something already did so escape players, come and help Waldo here with his lazy dog now, get him out of the room and make sure he is safe.

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