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Lawn Escape
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Willard didn't have guests in his home that day which he usually does, so he took the opportunity to begin studying the forest behind his home and make a small lawn on it but first he needs to check the place for a bit. Willard spent hours there planning what he can build there and what he can put over there, but he didn't realize that he was moving ever so slowly deeper into the forest! That got him a bit panicked, but because he had retraced his steps well, he managed to return. Maybe he should stop this for the day, so he decided to get back home but when he thought his problem was already solved, he realized he was in another!

Willard lost his keys to his home and he was in great concern for he had locked the place and he thinks that his keys had fallen from him back in the forest! Willard quickly took-off to find those keys for it's getting dark and soon there will be no chance of searching for it! Escape players, will you help Willard here find his keys before the sun goes then and he won't have any other way to enter his own home.

Lawn Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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