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Lavender Room Fun Escape
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Carmen's new home was finally finished and because she likes the color lavender, she had her house built with the major colors of white and lavender. It was very good and the luxuriously built rooms is adding to its beauty, she would just sit in her living-room and look at the city nearby where she lived before in an apartment building, finally some peace and quiet from the noise and away from the pollution as well. But it's not that all problems have been solved when she moved though, for her new place seems to have a strange antic and it's all about trapping her inside!

Carmen have been experiencing doors being mysteriously locked and most of the time it would do that simultaneously! Carmen just shrugs it sometimes but one day she have had it, for she was planning to go on a jog early that morning but she couldn't for the doors are mysteriously locked again and that is wasting her valuable time. Carmen needs to solve this once and for all, escape players want to join in the escape here and see if you can find your way out of the house and also, really figure-out what's going-on in her house?

Lavender Room Fun Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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